Living In Still Frames

by Crimson Arrow

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Recorded from August 2014 - March 2016

Rocky Nelson - Lead Vocals
Jon Januhowski - Guitar, Keys, Harsh Vocals
Erick Jaimes - Guitar, Keys
Michael Churchill - Drums
Levi Aaron - Bass Guitar


released May 13, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Crimson Arrow
All lyrics by Crimson Arrow except "White Noise" written by Crimson Arrow and Andrew Michael Wells
Additional vocals on "White Noise" by Andrew Michael Wells
Additional vocals on "Antiquate" by Kurt Travis
Tracking by Garron Dupree and Jon Januhowski
Additional drum tracking by Abram Ulve
Mix and Master by Michael Sahm w/ Dream Awake Audio
Art direction and photography by Jonathan Mazaltov



all rights reserved


Crimson Arrow Houston, Texas

Crimson Arrow is a five piece progressive rock band from Houston, TX.

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Track Name: The Other Side Of Everything
I'm a filthy liar telling tales in white to keep us all together. / Spinning fables like "Its alright, we'll make it through, I promise." / When in reality we're two birds of the same feather, you see? / Toss one stone so light, and take us both down, both down to bleed. // What do you believe is on the other side of everything? / Pessimist always saw the glass half empty, optimist had better things to do with his time like stare up to the sun and blind his eyes. / What do you think is on the other side of everything? / Don't over exert your voice when you sing. / The miracle will leave you breathless; Its closer than expected.
Track Name: Kings
You're a god made of man, not a man made of god. / A good man can have anything he wants and it looks like that's what you've got. / So show her off in that dress you bought. // The simplest way that a tyrant succeeds is his subjects feel that they are free. / Are the men in the room kings Or merely jesters and pawns? / Let's dance like everyone can see In the courtyard, you and me surrounded by the sounds of this kingdom crumbling around our feet. // Anxiety is eating me from the inside out. / Ripping off the paint from the dry walls around my heart. / Buildings empty inside now, the support has busted out. / The ceilings falling now, this empire is going to collapse. // Like a burning house. / A burning house. / Burn me down. / Desecrate me.
Track Name: Master Bedroom
Calm down, just breathe You'll be alright I promise. / He won't be around much longer./ Break down, in tears telling me that he'll be sorry For throwing everything away. // No, I'm not trying to sleep with you I just want to lie in bed. / And dream next to you in the master bedroom. / This king sized mattress is nothing without a queen. / So lie next to me and fall asleep. // I always wanted to speak my mind But bit my tongue instead. / So lost inside silence to find The moment where it ends. / Take my time I've been moving slowly these days (Take my time). / Cherishing each second as it flies by. // Take my time.
Track Name: Funeral Clothes
We're gathering data for the record books. / Go about your business as usual. // Juxtaposed to your tuxedo / Little black dress incognito. / Intimidating as she's slinking down the aisle toward the altar. / Brain is pacing heart is racing. / Will your soul let her in? / Diving deep while fast asleep down the darkness in your head. // The power and control you feel in Funeral Clothes. / Pseudo sophistication to conceal your lesions. / Hiding underneath the single suit that you keep clean. / 'Cause God is always watching everything that you have seen. // Take off your jacket and just relax for a while, ok? / Converse with me about everything that you have seen. / Submit into me your deepest darkest insecurities. / Pull a string from your tie and unravel your life, I'm here patiently listening. // Her hands are shaking from fear. / She's trembling./ Just let your hair down. / Oh darling calm down. // Go about your business as usual.
Track Name: Autumn Leigh
I moved states away but you're stuck in my mind like remembering the breeze and how the light shines. / Shimmering I, fell apart inside my cage. / Realizing nothing gets easier with age (Nothing gets easier). // The storm has passed the rain is gone. / Move my feet and move along. / Stuck in place I've been here far too long. / Forever's come and passed me by. / Packed up fast and moved along. / A few too many times I've apologized. // Well I'm not sorry! / Its over used I'm so confused by what you mean. / Hold on to the thought before it's lost, / Wake from dreaming // I moved states away but spend every evening cataloging conversations staring at the ceiling. / Remembering I lost my pride and dignity. / Transcribing sentiment to trade off like commodities. // Well I'm not sorry, not sorry. / (I feel out of touch with myself and everyone else. / I wish this distance was the only thing keeping us separate)
Track Name: Antiquate feat. Kurt Travis
When all the leaves die, will the roots and branches stand their own? / Drain all of my energy, / hollow body void of vitality. / Essence is a masterpiece that dies on display. / Remember my colors and not a fancy frame. // Can we antiquate this life again? / When the fall leaves die, what's still within? / We're defined by the groundwork we laid! / We're derived from the soil and the rain! // Germinate and break through the gravity that's holding you down inside your soul. / Never grow up, never grow old, never move on. / Locked inside my shell, Release me from this hell. / Morning light, sunrise. / Awake, stretch to the sky. / Or decompose at night. // Time came and went but I never moved an inch, / You came and went but I never moved an inch. / (If it ever worked, we'll never know. / Do you ever wonder? I'll never know.)
Track Name: The Golden Scene
The sun burns for thousands of years, but light through our windows stays 'til the evening. / We go to sleep when daylight leaves, escape from the world unconscious / so our hearts can truly speak. // Sleep child, your mind is golden. / Your eyes reflect the land I see. / Sleep child, your mind is golden. / Your eyes inflect a hand in need. // When we're awake our eyes are open, but they see better when they're closed. // We set sail on open waters to find an ocean to cross or a mountain to climb, end up under stalactites. // Close your eyes and wake up in the nearest cave. // Open wide, this daylight is here to save you.
Track Name: Kimberley
I'm the artist you're the clay. / Let me mold you to my desire. / Pull you in with my touch again. / I've always been your favorite liar. / We're young and impressionable. / So love, I impress upon you. / Progress starts with a single step. / Life's easy when you move / forwards and passing through. // Kimberley don't do this to me. / Standing alone on the corner. / Bruises turning black and blue. / Your innocence is shining through. / Kimberley don't do this to me. / You always gave the green light. / But goodnight and sleep tight. / I'll see you in the morning, or not. // Hold on to what you see. / Grip is slipping on reality. / Don't fall asleep just yet. / I'm telling every story off the top of my head. / Casting dreams and movie scenes of you in my bed yet I'm sitting at the red. // Passive aggressive, jealous of others. / Manic obsessive, what do you lack? / Wreck of emotions, hyperventilating / Suffering from a panic attack. / Broken mirror, bad luck for years. / Getting wasted on soda and liquor. / Drying your tears, this always happens to her. / Try to forget him by burning your pictures.
Track Name: Telescope
My train of thought is derailed from your two cents on the track. / Focus fading on the exhale you're picking up the slack. / While I'm picking up the pieces but each puzzle piece is black. / And I'll never have the answers until they're all reattached. / And without a word goodbye I slip into the night. / It's not what it seems, Trust in, trust in me. // I can almost see the stars but I'm not inspired. / I can't close my eyes, I'm everything but tired. / Still this smoke and movement hanging in the air. / I'm ready to have a heart anywhere but here. // If you could crack my skull to release all of the pressure. / It's been crowded in here lately, questions come and go at leisure. / While the answers all avoid me, Simultaneously lingering. / I'd speak if I could mutter something But I adjust, but I just... // A piece of her heart is my peace of mind The pieces won't fit without you by my side.
Track Name: White Noise feat. Andrew Michael Wells
I've felt disconnected far too many times. / Separate from myself, immersed in social context. / I've felt attached for way too long, I'm cutting ties to right my wrongs. / It's high time to break free // I'm going off the grid to unplug and unwind. / To back when we were kids with something left to find. / Static and white noise overrunning all my technology. / Tangled up in cables, new human anatomy. // Staring at a screen, Let the computer think. / When did we become so dependent on everything that we created? / Attached at the hips, like lovers or twins. / Respond to me! Control, alter, delete / You received this message in error.
Track Name: Sunsets
The Earth is my boat, It's weight on my shoulders. / My legs can't hold up any longer. / The voice in my head whispering lies. / Ruining me, I wish I was stronger. / The boy who cried wolf can speak no more. / It finally sank his teeth in my skin. / The vessel crashing into the water. / Bringing up an early end. // As this ship casts off on its final journey across the horizon, who will see it depart from us? / Go down like sunsets . / They finally close their eyes. // Firework eyes burn into me. / Her laughter echoes in the dark. / Hold my hand, just one last time. / Don't leave me now, not yet. / And though I smile, I'm cold inside. / Like raining when the sun is out. / The light, it tries to fall asleep, but it comes back tomorrow. // And if heaven rejects your soul the skies will scream your name. / The clouds will cry in sorrow. / In our hearts you will remain. / And if heaven rejects your soul the skies will scream your name. / The ground will tremble for you. / In our hearts you will remain.